sábado, 28 de abril de 2012

New Computer

My MacBook Pro broke so my assurance got me a new one! 

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Hey there Bloggers!

Ya va tiempo que no escribo, pero he estado haciendo muchas cosas :)
Primero y ante todo, he recibido una beca para ir con mi clase a los PIRINEOS. Hemos ido a HUESCA, a una organización de Pueblos Abandonados para construir muros, ver como vivía la gente allí, aprender nuevas cosas sobre nuestro querido país, España.

Hemos ido 25 de mi instituto y otros 25 de un instituto en Extremadura.
Ha sido una experiencia muy divertida sobre todo porque teníamos que dormir en cuartos de diez: 5 que conocía, y 5 chicas de otro instituto que no conocía. Conviví con gente durante una semana que no conocía de nada pero que finalmente resultaron ser chicas de lo más divertidas!!

Han sido 17h de Bus para ir e igual para volver, pero ha merecido la pena.

-Bisous, Lou. 

martes, 3 de abril de 2012


Hey Bloggers!

How did your grades go? Finally Easter VACATION (and now it's when I finally get a piece of time for my blog)!!
My grades where good... Not my best, but definitely better than last trimestre :)

This easter it's kinda rainy. . .Nothing real interesting to do, a part of testing my NEW MACBOOK PRO 13-INCH, hihi. The other one died (1min of silence -.- to my computers honor).

This Easter I'm: tidying up my room more often (because I really don't have anything better to do), running in the rain, stalking people on facebook, looking up old conversations I used to have on my phone or on facebook and being so ashamed of what I used to say and talk about, I'm dreaming on very often, sleeping, eating, sleeping....eating.

I really feel like going to MOROCCO... I'm only at 14km from it so .. why not?

That's pretty much it. . . For today.

Sentence of the week:
" -Boy: Do me a blowjob. -Girl: Couldn't you be more romantic? -Boy: Give me a blowjob...In the rain."