domingo, 18 de marzo de 2012


Heya Bloggers!

Only a month and a half till school ends! This had been the fastest 9 month EVER (so far)!
I can't believe I (almost) MADE IT!

I can't wait for summer! When every day is like a weekend; when you to the beach and come back at night because you had too much fun! When you go out EVERY night; When you wear the same thing you were wearing all day to go out; When you EAT as much as you want; When it's sunny; etc, etc, etc.

Here in the South of Spain, usually in August, there is always 2 days of rain OUT of nowhere, and I LOVE IT, and even though it's raining everyone goes to the beach!

And when your getting to September and there are the SALE on every shop and even though it's the end of summer you buy 10 new bikinis, skirt's, dresses and shorts just because they cost half of the price they did before!

That feeling when you ACTUALLY want to start school again (as if.), and see all your friends you haven't seen in 2 months!

That boy you didn't kiss but you say you did to all of your friends just because they weren't there to prove you wrong (I never did that yet)!

When you miss those friends you've met on the beach just like that and that you will never forget those moment with them!





Everything we could say we once were, were not anymore.

We used to say we were best friends, we used to say this relation ship was going to last forever, we used to say we were going to be always there for each other, but we never thought that maybe, something would change it all.
I'm sure of what happened, but one day you took it all on me. I sed sorry, even though it wasn't my fault... A few days later, YOU sed sorry, and I took it all out on you. We stopped talking to each other...
I realized already since a few weeks this was coming to its end... You treated me like if you were superior, who did you think you were? To talk to me like that? To treat me like that?
The simple fact that you simply liked to USE me, was just enough to know that this was going down.

I realized something; A quote a lot of people use, but I never saw the truth in it, "When people try to take you down, It's only because your above them".

Well my friends, use that as an advice: We always think that in our mind, we can always be the king, but out in true life, we're just the servent of everyone. No. That's not like that. We're strong, we're KINGS/QUEENS, and we RULE in out super life's. Ok?


Under Water

We all live in a bubble, we're scared of the exterior, and never want to show what we're made of in the interior. When we do, other's "bubble up" and don't trust us, so we bubble back in. We hide from difference, we don't accept changes, and we never let strangers in our bubble. And for more effort when you say your not like that, you are. Think of all the times you've been kept out of an other persons bubble, and how many times you led people out of yours.

viernes, 9 de marzo de 2012


I've discovered a new power that I'm not allowed to use.

When I was a kid, I always used to be underestimated. People always laughed to me because of my teeth, my clothes, my way of talking, my character, etc. My mom always said it was because others were jealous of me..Doesn't every mother say that? Some boys even invented the imaginary "Spray Anti Luna" and used to do like if I was a disease.
People never took me seriously, they never believed I was strong enough to defend my self, but what did they want me to prove? Should I kik someone to show them I'm strong? That wasn't like me. I ignored them until everything passed, but people really didn't have anything else to do then get with me and spoil my age of innocence.
When I grew up a few years older (only a few), people started showing me more respect; they were paying more attention to me.

Even though people still talk bad of me it's because I've got a bad reputation; for no reason. Simply the fact that I don't do the same things as them, I don't have the same teeth as them, I don't dress the same way as them and my character is over a 99% more real then theirs: I have a "reputation".
Sometimes I feel like going up to people and say:
-Hey, do I know you?
-So why do you talk so much about me thinking you know everything about me?
-Hi, are you alive?
-Yes! Why?
-Because it really looks like you don't have a life.

Now people know who I am, my name...But not my story.

They judge me without knowing me. And that makes me sick. But they think I don't know, and that's because I don't pay attention to their words. They don't hurt me. Because what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger.

I guess I'm used to be underestimated so I didn't realize how much affect I had on people. But I just realized that after all: They really don't have anything better to do. And yes: They are jealous.. Because they don't have what I have.. A LIFE.

-Good Night Bloggers; Lou ♥-

miércoles, 7 de marzo de 2012

Today, once again.

Hey Bloggers!

My day got much better after I wrote that. The key? Breath in and out (that never actually worked with me, I simply took a cushion and screamed as hard as I could and then realize how dum I would look while I was doing that).

Today I had two exams: a Biologie test I was supposed to do weeks ago and a Sports exam (skipping). I only know by now that I have a 9 in my skipping exam (and I've got stiffness in my legs soo bad). I could have had a 10, but that was if I did the duble-jump, but I didn't...

I'm not in a such good mood anyway, because of a lot of things. A few days ago I wrote on my status "R u f*cking kidding me?", someone asked me why? And I sed that I just liked the way it sounded and that I wrote it for no reason, and it was true; but today, I have more than 10 reasons to say "R u f*cking kidding me?" on my status.

Even thought, in conclusion: I'm happy :)

-Good Night lovers, Lou ♥-

lunes, 5 de marzo de 2012


Hey Bloggers!

I'm Sick of saying that I'm okey when really, I'm not.
I hate school (eve thought I just had a 9'2710 in English); I'm sick of some my friends: it's like if everyone around me is programed to make me go mad; my mom keeps on doing everything for my brother without thinking of me: I finally get a good table where the wifi is close and I can do my homework peacefully and while I'm at school my brother get's installed in my office with my desk (he goes to school on internet). ARHGT! I'm so angry!

How come I live surrounded by only egoist people?

I wish I could stop pretending to be okey and just go wild and tell everyone what I think! But I guess I'm just too nice to do that, aren't I?

-Have a better day than I have had so far people, Lou ♥