martes, 28 de febrero de 2012

Gossip Girl

Hey Bloggers!

I was just watching gossip girl, epic new scenes;
I wouldn't want to spoil your pleasure of watching it but may I say the news about William (Serina and Erics father) is actually ALSO Lolas father (Serinas cousin, Charlie Rodes).
Almost all of CC's wishes after her death is leaving everything she has to Ivy, even though she knows Ivy isn't who she said she was, including Lily's and Rufus pent house.

What will happen next? xoxo, Gossip Girl
No, seriously it's kinda epic.
-Have fun watching it, Lou ♥-

lunes, 27 de febrero de 2012

Elise Varrey

Today, right now, at midnight, 28 of February 2012, is the 15th birthday of my beloved and incredible friend, ELISE VARREY!

She lives in France so I guess I wont be able to go to her birthday but I wish her THE BEST! I can't wait to see her if she comes in a month to see me here in the South. I miss her so bad, I hope she sees this post.


-Happy Birthday; Lou. ♥-

No School

Hey Bloggers!

I'm so excited, I've got no school for the next four days. I REALLY needed a break, school was getting on my nervs, as it does to everyone .

I'm on a very good mood, so much that I'm still in bead and I don't minde (I usually hate being this late in bed still).

Yesterday I went running from El Puerto to La Charka and back, it wasn't easy but I'm proud of my self, I crossed my Sports teacher (YES!), and I hope he realize that I DO do sports out of school and puts me a 10/10 in the next evaluation, hihi.

The only bad thing of not having school for so long is tat I'll have to do a lot of homework, so that's what I'm going to do right now after finishing this post.

I just changed my Playlist btw, I hope you enjoy my new songs, my new mood...

-Kisses&Hugs, Lou ♥-

domingo, 26 de febrero de 2012


Hey Bloggers!

Yesterday Saturday, 25th February, I went with my friends @ Punta Paloma for a long boarding session. It was awesome! I had so much fun!

We got there at 13:30h and started skating on it's long roads next to the dunes. Amazing weather, no wind, amazing friends, what else? We skated on and off, and made a lot of pictures. A typical "Girlz" day, totally A5. We had a lot of fun, we ate, red Cosmo, Vogue, laughed, gossiped, etc. When I got home I was DEAD from skating, I didn't fell this time, lucky me, only Bea fell once, but that's all.

I hope to be soon back on my board in Punta Paloma, and maybe next time i'll also take my surf board because there are great waves over there too.

-Good Night, Lou -

domingo, 12 de febrero de 2012


Try to imagine this moment of hert I felt... While I was rolling down the hill with my skate.

*The road was so perfect, it was going up and down 1 hole km along. I had my long board under my right arm while I started to run back up the hill.
The sensation of going down while doing zig-zags was amazing, it simply felt great. I had the helmet, the hand protection and my skate. Once I got up the road, I dropped my skate on the side; I poot my left foot on the front and started pushing with the left one. I pushed three times, until I felt the speed on the wheels...
I rolled down the hill and back up the next one, with out needing one push with my left foot. Then the next down hill was on it's way, and I pushed a last time to feel once more the speed... The skate started to role down, and my legs did once more the zig-zags... I felt the wind pushing me, and so much speed, suddenly my board lost a screw and it started to wiggle...
I was scared, I could not stop. My legs were week and I knew I was anyway going to fall once and for all, so I decided to jump off my board and to save my self without thinking about my skate...
But obviously, (I had a 5/10 in math) I calculated wrong my jump and I started to FLY with my legs wide open and my hands real strong. I fell on my belly and all of my air was gone... I felt like an air bag that failed in a car.

And that ,my friends, was an awesome jump.

Three words,
eight letters,
say it
and I'm


I'm sorry I'm not perfect,
but my I at least
to be goo enough?

Pink Panther

Hey bloggers!

So long no talk. I'm doing so many things I don't even know where to start!
First of all, I'm doing a new portofolio where I'll have tones of new pictures of me recently ini my beloved home town, Tarifa.

I also have a boyfriend now... Twice the problems I had before. Not easy to keep a CALM love relation...

Every day, or almost everyday, I take a little ride with my Long board!! It's so fun! I'm actually getting good at it! Ass soon as I have pics with the Long, I'll post them , by now they are all in my Diana +F so I have to deliver them ;)

I'm so happy @ this instant ... Everything is going good (knok on wood), I have good school results, I have a nice bf, I redecorated my room, I found a new passion for skating and photography and I have a new spirit.

This 2012 is starting with the right foot. A good one to step in... And it's going good.

Anyway, soon in the next few moth there is CARNAVAL! The major festival of spring debut where everyone gets to dress up!! It's like american halloween but no one tries to scare anyone.

I have a brilliant idea for my costume.. But I'm not going to tell yet, you will have to see it..
Me and a few friends are going the same and it's going to ROCK the festival..

What are you going to get dressed like?

See you soon

xx Un gros Bisous Mes Amours