domingo, 12 de febrero de 2012

Pink Panther

Hey bloggers!

So long no talk. I'm doing so many things I don't even know where to start!
First of all, I'm doing a new portofolio where I'll have tones of new pictures of me recently ini my beloved home town, Tarifa.

I also have a boyfriend now... Twice the problems I had before. Not easy to keep a CALM love relation...

Every day, or almost everyday, I take a little ride with my Long board!! It's so fun! I'm actually getting good at it! Ass soon as I have pics with the Long, I'll post them , by now they are all in my Diana +F so I have to deliver them ;)

I'm so happy @ this instant ... Everything is going good (knok on wood), I have good school results, I have a nice bf, I redecorated my room, I found a new passion for skating and photography and I have a new spirit.

This 2012 is starting with the right foot. A good one to step in... And it's going good.

Anyway, soon in the next few moth there is CARNAVAL! The major festival of spring debut where everyone gets to dress up!! It's like american halloween but no one tries to scare anyone.

I have a brilliant idea for my costume.. But I'm not going to tell yet, you will have to see it..
Me and a few friends are going the same and it's going to ROCK the festival..

What are you going to get dressed like?

See you soon

xx Un gros Bisous Mes Amours

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