domingo, 12 de febrero de 2012


Try to imagine this moment of hert I felt... While I was rolling down the hill with my skate.

*The road was so perfect, it was going up and down 1 hole km along. I had my long board under my right arm while I started to run back up the hill.
The sensation of going down while doing zig-zags was amazing, it simply felt great. I had the helmet, the hand protection and my skate. Once I got up the road, I dropped my skate on the side; I poot my left foot on the front and started pushing with the left one. I pushed three times, until I felt the speed on the wheels...
I rolled down the hill and back up the next one, with out needing one push with my left foot. Then the next down hill was on it's way, and I pushed a last time to feel once more the speed... The skate started to role down, and my legs did once more the zig-zags... I felt the wind pushing me, and so much speed, suddenly my board lost a screw and it started to wiggle...
I was scared, I could not stop. My legs were week and I knew I was anyway going to fall once and for all, so I decided to jump off my board and to save my self without thinking about my skate...
But obviously, (I had a 5/10 in math) I calculated wrong my jump and I started to FLY with my legs wide open and my hands real strong. I fell on my belly and all of my air was gone... I felt like an air bag that failed in a car.

And that ,my friends, was an awesome jump.

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