domingo, 26 de febrero de 2012


Hey Bloggers!

Yesterday Saturday, 25th February, I went with my friends @ Punta Paloma for a long boarding session. It was awesome! I had so much fun!

We got there at 13:30h and started skating on it's long roads next to the dunes. Amazing weather, no wind, amazing friends, what else? We skated on and off, and made a lot of pictures. A typical "Girlz" day, totally A5. We had a lot of fun, we ate, red Cosmo, Vogue, laughed, gossiped, etc. When I got home I was DEAD from skating, I didn't fell this time, lucky me, only Bea fell once, but that's all.

I hope to be soon back on my board in Punta Paloma, and maybe next time i'll also take my surf board because there are great waves over there too.

-Good Night, Lou -

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