viernes, 9 de marzo de 2012


I've discovered a new power that I'm not allowed to use.

When I was a kid, I always used to be underestimated. People always laughed to me because of my teeth, my clothes, my way of talking, my character, etc. My mom always said it was because others were jealous of me..Doesn't every mother say that? Some boys even invented the imaginary "Spray Anti Luna" and used to do like if I was a disease.
People never took me seriously, they never believed I was strong enough to defend my self, but what did they want me to prove? Should I kik someone to show them I'm strong? That wasn't like me. I ignored them until everything passed, but people really didn't have anything else to do then get with me and spoil my age of innocence.
When I grew up a few years older (only a few), people started showing me more respect; they were paying more attention to me.

Even though people still talk bad of me it's because I've got a bad reputation; for no reason. Simply the fact that I don't do the same things as them, I don't have the same teeth as them, I don't dress the same way as them and my character is over a 99% more real then theirs: I have a "reputation".
Sometimes I feel like going up to people and say:
-Hey, do I know you?
-So why do you talk so much about me thinking you know everything about me?
-Hi, are you alive?
-Yes! Why?
-Because it really looks like you don't have a life.

Now people know who I am, my name...But not my story.

They judge me without knowing me. And that makes me sick. But they think I don't know, and that's because I don't pay attention to their words. They don't hurt me. Because what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger.

I guess I'm used to be underestimated so I didn't realize how much affect I had on people. But I just realized that after all: They really don't have anything better to do. And yes: They are jealous.. Because they don't have what I have.. A LIFE.

-Good Night Bloggers; Lou ♥-

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