miércoles, 7 de marzo de 2012

Today, once again.

Hey Bloggers!

My day got much better after I wrote that. The key? Breath in and out (that never actually worked with me, I simply took a cushion and screamed as hard as I could and then realize how dum I would look while I was doing that).

Today I had two exams: a Biologie test I was supposed to do weeks ago and a Sports exam (skipping). I only know by now that I have a 9 in my skipping exam (and I've got stiffness in my legs soo bad). I could have had a 10, but that was if I did the duble-jump, but I didn't...

I'm not in a such good mood anyway, because of a lot of things. A few days ago I wrote on my status "R u f*cking kidding me?", someone asked me why? And I sed that I just liked the way it sounded and that I wrote it for no reason, and it was true; but today, I have more than 10 reasons to say "R u f*cking kidding me?" on my status.

Even thought, in conclusion: I'm happy :)

-Good Night lovers, Lou ♥-

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