lunes, 5 de marzo de 2012


Hey Bloggers!

I'm Sick of saying that I'm okey when really, I'm not.
I hate school (eve thought I just had a 9'2710 in English); I'm sick of some my friends: it's like if everyone around me is programed to make me go mad; my mom keeps on doing everything for my brother without thinking of me: I finally get a good table where the wifi is close and I can do my homework peacefully and while I'm at school my brother get's installed in my office with my desk (he goes to school on internet). ARHGT! I'm so angry!

How come I live surrounded by only egoist people?

I wish I could stop pretending to be okey and just go wild and tell everyone what I think! But I guess I'm just too nice to do that, aren't I?

-Have a better day than I have had so far people, Lou ♥

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