lunes, 27 de junio de 2011

I'm Alone Now

Hey Bloggers!!

Here is way boys are big asses!
I Have been left alone now. I've been crying so much for this guy. I've been hurt so badly by him and made so much effort to sometimes ignore him; when I think about moving on and leave him in the past, I have the impression that I have made so much effort for nothing and that I have just dropped something that I was looking for to continue so much! When I finally make an effort to forget him, not think of him, not talk to him, not care for him, nothing: He talks to me! And when I answer he doesn't say anything anymore! ASS! Then I go out and he sees me and he talks to me again, but at the time he doesn't gives a f*ck about what I'm answering to him. And then again the typical thing when I see him online and I try to talk to him and he doesn't answer ... Again. I am now used to be ignored by others but still have it very harsh on ignoring others my self. I can't Ignore people! It's something 'm really not good at doing! I like listening to what people have to say and to what He has to say. I wish that every time he says Hey on Facebook or whatever, I go offline! Because he does that to me a lot of times, don't know why and it really f*cks me up. Now I'm really am going to ignore him. Not even answer to him. And I really hope that he is not looking at my blog because otherwise he is going to know what to do -.-' : Not talk to me. :(

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