martes, 21 de junio de 2011

Summer '11

Hey Bloggers!!
Finally SUMMER 2011!! Yey!
I can assure you guys that this is going to be the best summer! I hope so actually!
I'm going to be 1 month working in BARCELONA! Hello!? -GREAT OR WHAT!
This is so cool! And plus I'll have all my friends from out Spain that are going to come to my house! Yey to me! And I think my notes are going to be very good so my mom and dad are going to be proud of me! :) Happy Happy me! (And by the way, that guy I like is going to be at home the hole summer! AND THATS AN OTHER POINT FOR THE BAKKER!)
I hope this summer is going to be the best!
And what about your summers girls!?
Oh, and an other thing is that I starred to see this new seri with my friend Bibi and it's called "Pretty Little Liars" I LOVE IT!!
My new favorite series are : Gossip Girl, 90210 (the new one and the old one), Pretty Little Liars and a spanish seri called "ElBarco", it's like LOST ! But with hotter guys :)

Un Gros Bisous Mes amours ♥

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