jueves, 30 de junio de 2011

This is all I think about you, please understand me.

"Trying to forget someone you love,
is like trying to remember someone you never knew."

"Every time I see you I smile, not because I’m happy to see you, but because I’ve realized I’m finally going to be alright without you."

"It herts that you don't even try "

"The stupidest mistake in life is thinking the one who hurt you the most, won’t hurt you again."

"When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life that you have a thousand reasons to smile."

"It’s funny how day-by-day nothing changes, but when you look back, everything’s different."

"To be YOURSELF in a world that is constantly trying to make you SOMETHING ELSE is the greatest accomplishment."

"My rule is to just be who I am. Sometimes I don’t take my own advice, but I know that no matter what, I can be happy with continuing forward"

"Everybody has the right to be stupid but your breaking the rules!"

"Everybody brings happiness. some by coming, some by going"

"No, I’m not being immature
I’m having fun.
You should try it sometimes."

"By the way, I want to say, Before you go, I love you so, Wherever you are, Whatever you do, Remember this: I will always love you"

"Never say I love you, if you don’t really care… Never say I need you If you’re not really there.."

"I never forget a face, but in your case I’ll be glad to make an exception"

"You thought I couldn’t do this without you, but guess what… I sleep great at night now. I’m not hurt because you’re not here. I just had to learn to accept it & move on, & I did. But you, you’re the one who keeps crawling back. So next time you think, “Oh hey, she’s happy. Gotta mess that up,” it’s not going to happen, because this time, you’re not going to get what you want. This time I’m going to get what I want, & what I want, is not you."

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